Masters Degree

it becomes a hobby because it takes so much of your precious time... how much time is left


Masters of Computer Information Systems - Boston University

I started this program in January of 2011 and have been taking two classes a semester since. I'm so incredibly ready for it to be done. It may sound bad, however, I've put a lot of time and work into this program and am very much so looking forward to having my weekends back. The best advice I have for you if you are willing to try this is to have a great support group who will help motivate you and be there for you when you attempt it. The final project was a really great and made you work hard to answer its requirements.

The path I took and reflection on the classes:

MET CS 669 - Database Design and Implementation for Business

Spring #1 2011
Grade: A-

Impression: This class will make you work hard and I think it is the perfect entry way into this class. You start the class by installing Oracle and getting your test instance setup. You will learn SQL syntax and the functionality behind it. You will learn database design and how to model them. You will need to put a lot of time and effort into this class to succeed. The final project is accumulative over the seven weeks of the course. Even with that, the last weekend before it was due, I spent about 27 hours on it

MET CS 682 - Information Systems Analysis and Design

Spring #2 2011
Grade: B+

Impression: I did not enjoy this class much. I felt it was very much so subjective. The assignments and the final were all based on your writing style and how well you expressed your point. Having said that, I did learn a little bit about the Software and Development Lifecycle which I was able to competently discuss in future classes.

MET CS 546 - Quantitative Methods for Information Systems

Summer #1 2011
Grade: A

Impression: A math class… REALLY?!?!?!?! After I got over the shock and horror and flashbacks from high school calculus and college statistics, I found that this class, although challenging, was good over all. The professor was very good and this class probably had the best online lectures as they allowed me to learn the content of the class pretty well. One situational question that was asked in the homework had to do with formulating a equation that would correspond to a number of certificates that an application would need. When I first read it I thought, "I would just ask my vendor."

MET CS 520 - Information Structures

Summer #2 2011
Grade: A-

Impression: I feel bad for the people who were not coders and that went to take the class. I have a very high amount of respect for those that have to venture into learning how to code with little or no prior knowledge and have to be able to develop programs within seven weeks. For those that are coders, I did all the homework for the entire class within two weeks.

MET CS 799 - Advanced Database Management

Fall #1 2011
Grade: A-

Impression: The content of this class lightly covers a lot of advanced concepts and was challenging. I had to lean a lot on my facilitator who was very attentive and helpful.

MET CS 782 - IT Strategy and Management

Fall #2 2011
Grade: B

Impression: A lot of people fear this class for the amount of writing that it requires. I actually started a new job that required a lot more time for me at the same time. I didn't focus on the writing all that much. If I had to classify this class, it would be called MET CS 682 part 2. Taught by the same teacher, in the same style. Again very subjective, but I enjoyed the discussions in this class.

MET CS 672 - Database Security

Spring #1 2012
Grade: B+

Impression: I liked that in this course, you worked off of a dedicated Linux VM that you have to use for the class. This built off some of the security concepts from Advanced Database Management.

MET CS 699 - Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Spring #2 2012
Grade: B

Impression: This to me was the most disappointing class in the program as well as the hardest. The assignments were literally to follow online Microsoft tutorials. While you were doing them, you didn't know what exactly you were doing or the real point to them. This class delved into mathematical data mining theory, but I didn't find it presented as clearly as MET CS 546. At the end, I was very happy to get out with a B. The time allotted for the final was 3 hours and I finished it in 2:59:48. Finishing with 12 seconds left means I clearly didn't pace myself correctly...

MET CS 625 - Business Data Communication and Networks

Summer #1 2012
Grade: B+

Impression: I spent a lot of the extra time in my life focusing on certification exams during this class so I didn't work as hard in it as I would have liked to. I liked the majority of the homework because you were forced to do a little research to complete the assignments. this was sometimes frustrating, but definitely fruitful overall. The term project was… well the only term for it was compartmentalized. It didn't feel like a complete work, but more like a lot of different subsections that you had to string together.

MET CS 601 - Web Application Development

Summer #2 2012
Grade: TBD

Impression: The only course I have yet to finish and the last in my journey. So far, this course has been easy for me. I have a background in web and php development. This is the first course thought that I've taken where doing what you are asked in a hands on practical will garner you a B. Sometimes, the hands on practices don't really apply for tweaks. I'm not peeved about it, just more surprised than anything. I'm going to finish the term project in five days. That is my personal goal.